Visibility at the Edge

New survey reveals organizations still struggling to manage increase in network traffic

Kollective-Whitepaper-Graphic-NWW-Visibility-at-the-EdgeTraffic – the word itself conjures up negative feelings for most of us. Congested byways, bandwidth constraints … how can one possibly improve network performance at the edge with so many competing demands?

Don’t let the word ‘traffic’ bring you down. Gaining greater visibility into activity at the edge of the network is the first step in controlling flow and eliminating gridlock.

This white paper examines the results of a recent survey of 100 IT professionals involved in managing network performance, and explores solutions that greatly improve end-user experience at the outer edges of the network.

Download this paper to get more information on the:

  • Impact of various traffic types on network reliability and performance
  • Most important types of networking information to monitor and measure

Manage to the edge of the network and let ‘traffic’ become a word you look forward to hearing.