Generation Now:
The Future of Employee Engagement in the Age of Now

Generation Now

According to a recent survey of 2,000 US and UK office workers, 76% of businesses in the UK and US still rely on mass emails to communicate with staff. Is it any wonder, then, that less than half of workers are satisfied with the communication they get from senior management?

Employees these days expect regular and timely communication. They want to hear about what’s happening when it’s happening – and when it matters, they want to hear from leadership directly.

What can you do to guard against communication breakdown? What mix of communications guarantees all employees consistently feel engaged and motivated?

Download this report and gain access to the latest research on employee attitudes towards current workplace communication, the future of face-to-face interaction, and how business leaders can keep their teams informed in an age of remote working:

· Learn about changing workplace expectations
· Examine new ways to engage all employees at once
· Better understand IT’s role in your work

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